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Pro Extender Penis Enlargement Device - Views : 10405

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Quick Overview

Men have been forever obsessed with the size of their sexual organs and always wonder whether it is adequate to please their partner in the way they want to. This dilemma of men all over the world has led to exploitation as the pharmaceutical industry has been flooded with male penis enlargement pills and equipments. If you have been trying to make your penis larger and even tried a few of these “magical cures” for penis enlargement, you have probably experienced that most of them do not work significantly. 
With a world filled with ineffective penis enlargement supplements and devices, stands the Penis Extender device  with the claim to naturally extend your penis with no side effects,will help you gain the extra girth and length to made you popular among in women .
About The Penis Extender device 
The penis enlargement system of The Penis Extender device  has been designed and developed as a device that attaches to your penis and stretches it gently over a period of time with traction force.,a method which simulates the human body's natural reaction to the application of physical force.It provides  to enlarge the penis by gradually providing gently and painless traction to the penis tissue. This solution has been time tested and proven to be one of the most effective solution to experience a prominent increase in the size of the penis .
Invented in the year 1994 by Dr. Jorn E. Siana of Denmark, The Penis Extender device was developed with the idea to increase penis size safely and in a non-evasive way. The Penis Extender device  review reveals that years of testing and refining by Dr. Siana has resulted in its invention, making it the most popularly used penis extender in the world. Pro extenders have been regarded as safe and effective by surgeons and urologists.
Product include
The Penis Extender device  unit along with adjustable bars
Special padding
One silicone noose
One set of long add-on bars
One set of short add-on bars
A printed instruction manual
The quality of the materials used in theThe Penis Extender device is light weight and sturdy, made from top grade plastic and stainless metals. The traction bars are completely adjustable and a variety of penis sizes can be accommodated in it with ease. The device is well built and adheres to the medical standards of safety and hygiene.
To use, simply place the penis through the solid ring base. Once in place, place the second part of the extender at the tip of the penis, placing the silicone tubing under the head and tightening until secure. slot the metal rods into the spaces either side, loosening and tightening as necessary. By screwing the side bars in and out you can adjust the traction of the Penis Extender device , At their shortest, the metal rods within the system measure 3.5 inches in length, extending to 4.5 inches when fully extended. Worn daily, this penis extender system stretches the penis and encourages growth for a bigger, more impressive erection.

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