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Porcodile Spray 54000 for Men - Views : 9789

Item #: DZ0060
Price: Rs.3500
Packing : 45CC/Bottle


Quick Overview

Porcodile of the problem of premature ejaculation spray designed for men sexual health product.

Porcodile delay spray erection thanks to the provider, to be a long-term relationship, and your penis to remain hard for a long time, as well as provides late discharge.

Delay spray for men 54000 for man Porcodile longtime problem of premature ejaculation spray intended for the content of 45 cc of deionized water, ethyl alcohol, and clove oil, lilac oil contains. Thanks to its vegetable oils provides an average delay of 40-50 minutes. Usually 1 to 3 times 20 to 30 minutes before intercourse sprayed onto the penis. The entire product is achieved by hand to the penis. Residues remaining on the penis just before intercourse washed and cleaned. In this way, you will be discharged early, the effect of the partner in question will not be any numbness, as well as the relationship will receive the highest level of pleasure. Porcodile spray approved by the Ministry of Health, reliable and highly effective product.

For External use only

Made In Germany 


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