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Natural Weight Loss Formula - Views : 3325

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According to Statistics Canada 54% of women and 65% of men are overweight or obese. This is of great concern because excess weight can have devastating consequences for our health. Not only do we feel the psychological effects of additional weight, but it puts us at higher incidence of diabetes, heart disease, cancer (prostate, colon, and breast), and arthritis.
Toxins that are not excreted from the body are typically stored in fat cells in order to protect vital tissues from exposure. Fat cells engorged with toxins then release more inflammatory proteins into our body than normal fat cells do. So the more overweight you are, the more inflammation your body produces. This leads to aches, pains, and degenerative joint disorders. As well, inflammation in the blood vessels causes increased cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks or strokes, and even cancer. One may not feel the consequences of inflammation in the body until its long term damage causes a full-fledged disease.

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