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Largo German Delay Spray - Views : 8826

Item #: DZ0043
Price: Rs.2500
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Quick Overview

Can effectively overcome premature ejaculation
The product can effectively overcome premature ejaculation,then you can erect for a longer time during intercourse with your parter.Now you can both enjoy sex instead of worrying about it being over before it's begun.using it you get out from the bad habits of the premature ejaculation and develop good habits of is the most popular sex delay spray in Japan.just spray a little ,the quality of the intercourse can be improved a lot ,and the man also gets confident.
advantages:1)the effect is visible,at the same it makes you stronger
                      2)high-tech formula,  no side effect,no dependence
                      3)Mild and no stimulation,no uncomfortable feeling after smearing it
                      4)effectively maintains the sensitivity of the glans penis, you will have intense pleasure
                      5)it is colorless and nontoxic   
usage:before the intercourse spray it on the glans penis and coronary sulcus for 2-3 times,then massaging until it is completely absorbed .after 15-30 minutes the effect is best to intercourse,before intercourse please wash the penis ,use a condom is better.the effect can last for 12 hours.different people has different absorption ability,so according to your absorption ability choose the usage amount

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