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Facia SPA Facial Bar - Views : 8868

Item #: DZ0072
Price: Rs.1500
Packing : 75 Grm


Quick Overview

What is Facia Facial Bar?
A light orange colour herbal facial bar. It comes in a cute packaging & sits pretty in a soap case which comes along with it. You can see the saffron once you open the packet. It has the ingredients that ensure a healthy, glowing and beautiful fair skin, it helps reducing pimples, eliminating blemishes. It can be used by both the genders.
Rejuvenate yourself inside-out with Facia facial bar. Working from within, it gives you a natural glow that can't go unnoticed. The 5Fs give such a spa experience, beauty shines on your face.
Freedom: Let Kesar and Chandan free the face from the prison of dirt, grime and excess oil.
Facial Treatment: Exotic oils like Chandan soften the fatigued face, revive the tired mind heal blemishes on the face.
Firmness: Skin is tightened. Tiny, expression lines are bid adieu. Thanks to Aloe Vera.
Fairness: Spa ingredients like Kesar and Chandan enhance the beauty of the face. Bring back the lost glow.
Ingredients: Kesar, Chandan, Lactate, Aloevera, Camphor, Olive, EDTA, Bar Base, Preservatives & Perfumes.
How to use it? Moisten face, work up a rich foamy lather & massage gently in circular motion for 1-2 minutes. Wash off & pat dry.

I use it after cleansing my face.


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