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Deadly Shark Sexual Power Spray - Views : 6541

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DEADLY SHARK POWER 48000 45ml with Vit E Delay Spray (Germany)

Intimacy is an important part of most loving relationships.
Yet this very special part of our lives can be spoiled when the man orgasms too quickly. Premature ejaculation can lead to feelings of inadequacy and even in the most loving of relationships may cause resentment in the woman.
There should be no shame attached to such a common problem. Indeed acknowledging the situation and finding a solution is the sign of a caring and loving partner.
Our Delay and Energizing Spray, Creams and Gels ...are the solutions to this problem. Both work by reducing the sensitivity of the penis. Foreplay can now be prolonged as can the following sexual intercourse.
Try our products and see which is best for your lovemaking experience.
Our Sprays, Gels and Creams are manufactured under strict pharmaceutical controls in licensed premises in the UK and Germany and are protected by a series of trademarks throughout the world.
Topical anaesthetic for reduction of over-sensitivity of the penis and so helps prolong lovemaking.
• Highly effective.
• Prolongs sexual excitement.The active ingredient is lignocaine (10% w/v in cream). Lignocaine is a local anaesthetic and acts by reducing the conduction of nerve impulses near to the site of application. The dosage is sufficiently low that it limits the anaesthetic effect to the area of application.
Apply two or more measured sprays as required to the head of the penis shortly before intercourse. Do not exceed six sprays per application.

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